QuickBooks: Training, Installation and More

QuickBooks® is one of the most widely used accounting software applications for small and medium-sized businesses. Let Weltman Bernfield be your resource for creating an accounting system that fits your needs. Our QuickBooks Pros can help with selecting the right version for you, installing the program, QuickBooks training and much more. We offer webinars on many QuickBooks topics, as well as custom training just for your business.

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New Business Owners

We understand that it can be overwhelming for new businesses to deal with a growing stack of receipts, bank and credit card statements, and bills. We can help you turn stacks of paper into valuable reports that will assess the growth and development of your business. By working with us to make good decisions early on, you will lay solid groundwork for the future of your enterprise.

Existing Business

Are you using QuickBooks to your best advantage? Would you like to use it to handle invoicing, bill payment processing, employee payroll, and sales tracking? How about breaking out profitability by division, or job? We’ll set you up with the system you want, and even assist you in making changes to your existing processes and procedures.

Our QuickBooks Services Include:

  • Selecting your QuickBooks Program – As QuickBooks® ProAdvisors, we can help you select the program that best suits your needs.
  • QuickBooks Training and Installation – We’ll tailor training to your specific needs, saving you time and assuring expandable capabilities as your needs grow.
  • Maximization Program Features – Did you know that with only minor modifications to your current accounting system you can save time and money with some lesser known features? It’s true. We’ll show you how.
  • Adjustment of Inaccurate Books and Records – After implementing QuickBooks, you may have questions about item classification, adjusting incorrect balances, and viewing reports. We can use an “accountants copy” of your file so we can make adjustments while allowing you to work concurrently at your end. It’s as easy as email.
  • 3rd Party Add-ons – There are many companies that make specific packages that integrate with QuickBooks. If QuickBooks is not doing something you’d like it to do, we can help you find out if there is a solution available.
  • Monthly Newsletter – Get the latest tips and information by signing up for our monthly QuickBooks Newsletter.
  • Seminars and Webinars – Learn more about QuickBooks by attending our seminars and webinars.

The professionals at Weltman Bernfield welcome the opportunity to be an active partner in the success of your company. Contact us for more information.