What happens to my documents when I send them in? What is the process of completing my tax return?
Whether your information arrives in the mail, from a delivery service, or through the web portal, it is checked into our system by our administrative staff. Then, it is given to the partner, who assigns it to one of our staff. After the staff member completes the return, the partner reviews it, gives it to the administrative department to process it, and reviews it one final time before sending it back to you. After we receive your signed E-file form, we finish processing your return with the IRS.
How long does this whole process take?
Each return is unique, as different people and businesses have varying complexity. It could take a few hours to a few weeks. For most returns, we strive for a two week turnaround from the time we receive information to the time the return is sent out.
What documents do I need to send in?
You should send in any documents that reflect the gain or loss of money during the year: W-2s, 1099s, mortgage and property tax statements, K-1s, investment statements, proof of any major purchase (house, car, business, etc.), general ledgers for businesses.
When can I expect my refund?
The IRS usually takes about three weeks to send your check, often sooner if you choose to have it deposited directly into your bank account.
When do I need to send payments to the IRS?
If you are filing for an extension, you must pay by the original deadline (April 15th for individuals). Estimates are due in March, June, September and December.
What is the web portal?
Our web portal is a secure online storage space where you can upload documents to us, and we can send your return to you. If you are interested in using the web portal to send your information back and forth, contact us.
What type of work does your firm do beside tax returns?
We help clients with all aspects of their personal and business needs. We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual bookkeeping; quarterly and annual payroll; monthly, quarterly, and annual compilations; six-month reviews, for-profit, not-for-profit, 401(k), and HUD audits; QuickBooks and other software consulting; business and estate valuations; and assistance with the IRS—just to name a few.
How big is your firm?
We have 10 active partners (and three retired), 7 administrative staff and 25 accounting staff with anywhere from one to fifty years experience in auditing, tax, and accounting. We are always looking for great talent. Visit our careers page to learn more.
What is in your newsletters?
We have two newsletters that we send out every month to our client. One is our QuickBooks newsletter with extensive tips on one feature, plus staff insight and information on our QuickBooks webinars. The other is our client newsletter, which contains current tax updates, accounting articles that may affect you or your business, tips, and our client spotlight.If you are a client and would like your business to be featured in our client spotlight, contact us. We also post these and other links to our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and LinkedIn profile.
How can I sign up for a newsletter?
Click this link to sign up for our QuickBooks and/or client newsletter.
How can I become a part of the WB staff?
You can check out our careers page or our LinkedIn profile for job openings.