Debt Buyer – Defaulted Consumer Receivables

“The staff at Weltman Bernfield is unbelievably responsive and great to work with. Their expertise and advise help guide my financial decisions.”

Michael Slotky, President
The Bureaus

Weltman Bernfield has provided accounting and consulting services to buyers, resellers, and collectors of defaulted consumer receivables for over a decade.

We’ve seen the defaulted consumer receivables industry experience substantial growth in recent years as the overall consumer debt market has skyrocketed. Credit grantors have increasingly recognized the delinquent debt buying marketplace as a valuable resource that permits them to realize a return on what would otherwise be non-performing assets.

Whether you are just entering this business or a seasoned veteran, Weltman Bernfield understands the unique challenges of this industry.

We have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you:

  • Research and navigate the complexities of portfolio accounting treatments in both GAAP and tax areas
  • Interpret the accounting needs and forms necessary to comply with the numerous state licensing requirements
  • Compile pool projections and amortization impact
  • Measure and ensure compliance of lenders covenants
  • and much more

Our Audit, Tax and Accounting Services for Debt Buyers include:

  • Audits and reviews
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Facilitating obtaining finances for purchases of debt
  • Preparation of cash flow projections, budgets, and forecasts
  • Accretable yield and nonaccretable differences schedules

The professionals at Weltman Bernfield welcome the opportunity to be an active partner in the success of your business. Contact us for more information.