Family Business Services

Since its inception, our firm has worked closely with hundreds of family businesses. We understand their struggles and successes.

Weltman Bernfield’s Family Business Services division focuses on both the financial and emotional aspects of closely held companies. We are committed to facilitating family business relationships to further sound decision-making in order to meet the family’s qualitative and quantitative goals for the future.

Weltman Bernfield itself began as a family business as two of its cofounders, Paul and Evelyn Weltman, were husband and wife as well as business partners. Some of our clients have included up to four generations of family ownership. We understand the challenges of managing both family dynamics and the bottom line.

In addition to the traditional services offered by a certified public accounting firm, Weltman Bernfield also offers services focused on:

  • Alignment of business and family values
  • Leadership development and succession planning
  • Executive coaching and legacy planning
  • Social Security and retirement consulting
  • Business valuations

The professionals at Weltman Bernfield welcome the opportunity to be an active partner in the success of your business. Contact us for more information.

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