Estate & Gift Tax

Weltman Bernfield offers Estate and Gift Tax Planning services

No one wants to see the inheritance they’ve spent years building for their family taken by the government. The good news is that it’s preventable. Proper trust, estate and gift tax planning ensures that any assets distributed on your behalf reach their intended recipients with the least possible tax or confusion.

The accountants at Weltman Bernfield take a comprehensive approach to trust, estate and gift tax issues for individuals and their families. Working closely with attorneys and other financial advisors, we provide strategies that reduce or eliminate the potential tax due on asset transfers.

At Weltman Bernfield we evaluate how each part of your estate plan affects your entire financial picture.

Our trust, estate and gift tax services include:

  • Trust, estate  and gift tax return preparation and compliance
  • Probate court accounting
  • Assistance with trust, estate and gift plan implementation and administration
  • Consulting and planning with attorneys, insurance advisors and other financial advisors

The professionals at Weltman Bernfield welcome the opportunity to be an active partner in achieving your financial goals. Contact us for more information on how we can help.