Rich Kane Selected as “2014 Top 100 ProAdvisor”

Rich Kane, CPA, Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisorWeltman Bernfield LLC is pleased to announce that Rich Kane, CPA, Weltman Bernfield, is included in the  Intuitive Accountant first annual “Top 100 ProAdvisor” list. This list recognizes the leading consultants who have embraced the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program and have leveraged it in order to serve their clients better and grow their own businesses.

Rich Kane selected as an Intuitive Accountant Top 100 ProAdvisor 2014

The Top 100 were selected from the tens of thousands of ProAdvisors in the country. The selection process started with a call for nominations. Then, there was a scoring based on multiple factors and, finally, an open vote in which over 2,000 peers voted. After Intuitive Accountant compiled the scores, Rich was one of the Top 100. Click here for the full list.

Part of the Weltman Bernfield team since January 2011, Rich is an Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor, a member of the Intuit Trainers/Writers Network and Accountants Today Executive Research Council, a Certified Xero Partner and a Chicago Intuit Brand Ambassador. He is experienced in all facets of accounting, including client accounting and tax, and works with clients on day-to-day transactions. Rich graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in business and Loyola University with a master’s degree in Business Administration.

The 2014 Accounting Intern Scholarship Program Begins…

We are proud to participate in the the 2014 Accounting Intern Scholarship Program (AISP) for the third year. This year’s session started on June 3, 2014, with an orientation session at Ravinia Green Country Club. After an informal meet and greet over breakfast, the interns received a general overview of the eight-week program. Throughout the program, the interns will spend time at each of the six participating firms learning the ins and outs of life at small to midsize CPA firms.


During “speed meeting” sessions, interns were able to talk individually with partners and staff from the six participating firms.

Following the overview, the interns took part in “speed meeting” where they moved from table to table to talk with staff members and partners from the six participating firms. This allowed for both the firms and the interns to get to know each other in a more intimate setting. As an added plus, some of the staff from the different firms were alumni from previous AISP sessions who could answer additional questions about the program.

“This is the second year that we’ve used the speed meeting format,” says Lisa Chester, AISP coordinator and marketing manager for Weltman Bernfield. “Many of the interns have said that they like this format because it gives them individual time with each firm and gives them a chance to meet people before going to the actual firm.”

The 2014 AISP interns: (front row, l-r) Sandra Ramirez, Gergana Tsvetkova, Ashley Barak, Meghan Creed, (backrow, l-r) Corey Lettieri, Tim Reichert, Tim Martin, Michael Bolnick, Sean Tews and Matt Wydra.

The 2014 AISP interns: (front row, l-r) Sandra Ramirez, Gergana Tsvetkova, Ashley Barak, Meghan Creed, (back row, l-r) Corey Lettieri, Tim Reichert, Tim Martin, Michael Bolnick, Sean Tews and Matt Wydra.

This year’s interns are:

  • Ashley Barak, Judson University
  • Michael Bolnick, Bradley University
  • Meghan Creed, Elmhurst College
  • Corey Lettieri, Illinois State University
  • Tim Martin, Roosevelt University
  • Sandra Ramirez, DePaul University
  • Tim Reichert, Roosevelt University
  • Sean Tews, Elmhurst College
  • Gergana Tsvetkova, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Matt Wydra, Trinity Christian College

Learn more about AISP at

8 QuickBooks Reports That You Should Be Running Regularly

June 2014 QuickBooks® Newsletter

QBC newsletter logoQuickBooks provides dozens of customizable report templates. You know when you need some of them, but which are musts?

You send invoices because you sold products and/or services. Purchase orders go out when you’re running low on inventory, and it seems like there are always bills to pay. All of this activity is, of course, important in itself, but all of your conscientious bookkeeping culminates in what’s probably the most critical element of QuickBooks: your reports.

Reports can tell you how many navy blue sweatshirts you sold in March, what you paid for health insurance premiums in the first quarter, and how much you bought from your favorite vendor last month. They’re very good at drilling down to get the precise set of numbers you need.

But reports – carefully customized and properly analyzed – can do more than tell you how many golf clubs to order and when it’s time to switch phone services. They can help you make the business decisions that will help you take your growing company to the next level. There are several that you should be looking at regularly, some of which you can interpret easily and use in your daily workflow. We’ll help you with the interpretation of the more complex financial reports. Continue reading

Do You Need to Use QuickBooks’ Fixed Asset Tools? The Basics

May 2014 QuickBooks® Newsletter

QBC newsletter logoManaging your company’s fixed assets is a complicated process, one that will require some extra assistance.

Much of the work you do in QuickBooks is short-term. You send an invoice and it gets paid. Your purchase order is fulfilled, and the products move into your inventory. You run payrolls and submit their related taxes and other payments.

Managing the life cycle of your fixed assets is an exception. Simply, fixed assets are physical entities that you purchase to help your business generate revenue, like property, a vehicle or a commercial oven. By definition, they must be in use for over 12 months.

Figure 1: You’ll need our help in depreciating the book value of your fixed assets, but careful recording of them will make your QuickBooks reports, your taxes and your company’s worth more accurate.

Continue reading

Photograph by Jack Katz Wins “Best in Show”

On April 26, 2014, Jack Katz’s photo of a porcupine fish (below) won “Best Close Up Picture” and “Best In Show” at the annual “Divers’ Appreciation Party” and photo contest held by Elmer’s Watersports of Evanston, a WB client.

Photo of porcupine fish by Jack Katz, CPA

Jack has Advanced Diver certification and Rescue Diver certification, along with several specialty certifications, including underwater photography. He photographed the porcupine fish in November 2013 in Cayman Brac. In November 2014, Jack will travel with Elmer’s on a trip to the islands of Yap and Palau, located in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).  The FSM are north of Papua New Guinea and east of the Philippines, just above the equator.