March 2017 QuickBooks Tip

by Nicole Dragon, staff accountant

QuickBooks Online Tip: QuickBooks Online homepage

Have you ever actually noticed what is on the homepage when you login to QuickBooks Online? Most of us login and immediately race the cursor to the toolbars or icons to get where we need to go. Try taking a few minutes to peruse what information is easily accessible from the homepage. The top row alone offers interactive graphs displaying profit and loss and expenses. Simply clicking on the P & L bar graph brings you to your report. The expense pie chart provides an instant visual of which expenses are eating your budget and a single click can provide more details specific to each expense. While the information available on your homepage cannot be customized yet, there is a drop down in the corner of each box to easily edit the time period. Also, be sure to remember the privacy switch to the right of your company logo on the homepage for when you are working in public places!

QuickBooks Desktop Tip: Shortcuts to save time

Everyone enjoys learning shortcuts and easy ways to save time manipulating software. Here are two simple tricks to save a few clicks in QuickBooks:

  1. Escape! Instead of finding the small “x” in the corner of the screen, hit the escape button to close whatever report or list you are looking at.
  2. Also, try customizing the Run Favorite Reports option on the far left of your screen. It is quite useful for when you realize you used the previous tip too soon and still need that report. You can add or remove reports for easy access to eliminate having to find the icon at the top of the screen and drill down to what you need.

QuickBooks Customize Reports screen
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