March 2016 QuickBooks Tip

QuickBooks “Set date/Password” Feature

by Jack Katz, CPA and member

Consider using the “Set date/Password” feature in QuickBooks.

In the Preferences screen, the QuickBooks Administrator can set up a date and password that will essentially prevent other users from going into a prior period and making changes to data. This feature is especially important in a multi-user environment, where several individuals may be using certain features of the program.

This feature will prevent issues when running reports and finding that the amounts have changed since the last time that same report was printed.

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One thought on “March 2016 QuickBooks Tip

  1. Alex Trodder

    Thanks for the tip about how you can set dates and passwords if you your QuickBooks accounts are accessed by multiple users. As you mentioned, this can help to ensure that there is greater consistency and security for your business when you use their reporting services. Accuracy is essential when monitoring your business’ financial situation. This will probably help your accountant to make sure that they don’t get different numbers after doing payroll or taxes. I’ll keep that in mind.

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