January 2017 QuickBooks Tip

Multiple Windows

Rich Kane, CPA, Manager and Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

QuickBooks Desktop:
Many times you open up a window, then jump to another place and so on. You forget where you were. First, if you go across the top of the software to Window and click on it, you will see all your open windows. Click on a place you want to return to. That simple.

If you are the type of user that would prefer to see a list displayed of the windows you have open, then click on View along the top menu and select open window list. This will add a box on the left side with all your open windows. Now you know what windows you have open.

One last tidbit: If you have a lot of open windows, you can go to Window across the top and then select Close All.

QuickBooks Online:
Here is a handy trick if you like to have more than one window of QuickBooks open at the same time.

Instead of clicking the mouse to get to other places, right click and choose Open in another tab. Then you can switch from place to place.  If you make any changes, when you switch tabs it refreshes that page. This is great for users who migrated from desktop.


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