February 2017 QuickBooks Tip

QuickBooks Online Tip: QuickBooks Lab

 by Brett Glody, staff accountant

QuickBooks Online began back in September 2014, and is still relatively new to most users. Many users are still learning about its new features. One feature I would like to highlight is the addition of QuickBooks Labs. This can be found by clicking the gear icon locate under “Your Company” on the bottom left-hand side. This feature is unique because it is an experimental way for QB to offer potential new features in what they call their “high-tech playground.” This playground allows users to try new features and give feedback to QB if it is something they would like to continue to use. Be sure to check the QuickBooks Labs often since these features come and go. Also, please give any feedback so we can all benefit from this new and growing version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Desktop Tip: Moving Accounts

by Rich Kane, CPA, Manager and Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

Need to move an account in the chart of accounts underneath another account? In the desktop version, you can easily move an account around, provided it is in the same type–income needs to stay in income, expenses need to stay within expenses, fixed assets stays with fixed assets, etc.

To make the move, simple go into Lists>>Chart of Accounts, then click on the Type field to sort by account type. Next, go to the account you would like to move and place your cursor just under the account name on the left side just where the account name begins. Click and hold and a cross should appear. Simply drag the account up or down to where you would like it to be and release your mouse.

moving accountsAs you do the move, it will have dotted lines showing you the move. Remember the financial statements are in order of the chart of accounts, so if you move the account as above, it will be in that new place on the financials as well.


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