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Use Recurring Transactions in QuickBooks Online

January 2017 QuickBooks® Online Newsletter Save time and ensure that repeating transactions are processed as scheduled. You know how much time QuickBooks Online already saves you. Customer, vendor, and item records need never be entered again once they’re created for the first time. Pre-built forms use your record data to complete transactions quickly and accurately. […]

5 QuickBooks Online Add-On Apps You May Need in 2017

December 2016 QuickBooks® Online Newsletter Not finding quite everything you need in QuickBooks Online? Here are some handy add-on apps available. QuickBooks Online may work for you just fine as is. After all, it was designed to meet the needs of the millions of small businesses that want to manage and track their income and […]

Paying Bills in QuickBooks Online

November 2016 QuickBooks® Online Newsletter In a previous column, we talked about setting up bills in QuickBooks Online. Now it’s time to pay them. We recently laid out the benefits of using QuickBooks Online for bill entry and payment. It’s faster than manual methods. It leaves an electronic record of your accounts payable. And it […]

Customizing QuickBooks Online Forms

October 2016 QuickBooks® Online Newsletter Make a good impression on your customers by sending them well-designed sales forms. QuickBooks Online helps you create them. Your company’s “brand” can be composed of many things (and has many definitions), but it’s really about what pops into your customers’ minds when they think of you. Key components include […]

Can’t Keep Up with Bills? QuickBooks Online Can Help

September 2016 QuickBooks® Online Newsletter There are more pleasant accounting tasks than paying bills, but QuickBooks Online organizes and simplifies this critical chore. How does your company keep track of its bills now? If you’re like a lot of small businesses, you’re still dealing with a lot of paper. You may have a paper or […]