April 2017 QuickBooks Tip

Updating to a New Version of QuickBooks

 by Ihor T. Czornobil, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

You come into the office on Monday morning, get your cup of Joe or whatever you need to wake-up to start working,  turn on your computer and log into QuickBooks. OMG! You see a warning that your current version of QuickBooks will expire in one month and your version, along with your payroll, will no longer be supported by Intuit. You go into a panic and think this is the end of the world. Why did I buy this product if down the road Intuit was going to abandon me?

Thank goodness for QuickBooks! There is no need for fear as you have some options. First, all of the versions of QuickBooks desktop are designed to expire at some point as each year Intuit comes out with a newer and better version than the previous one. You certainly cannot expect them to continue to support versions that date back to the beginning of time.

With all of the fear abandoned, you have choices. One would be to upgrade to the new version and that gives you about four years of time before you need to go back into the panic mode again. The process is simple and can be done directly from your current version of QuickBooks. You will find this in the Help menu in the tool bar or you can click on the warning you see on your desktop and this will take you directly to Inuit and begin the relatively painless process of upgrading(have your credit card ready).

Another, not always common, solution is to change over to QuickBooks Online (QBO), which has a similar conversion process, but may require some help from one of our QuickBooks ProAdvisors. By changing over to QBO, you never have to worry about the warning popping up on your screen that your beloved system is going to expire. You will always be on the latest version, and you will always have support. There is a small learning curve, but, if you enjoy working in the cloud, this is for you. QBO is accessible from anywhere that an Internet connection exists regardless of platform, Windows or Mac. QBO is the reason Intuit will no longer provide any new versions of QuickBooks Desktop for the Mac. QBO has made this obsolete.

So, don’t panic, there is help out there if you need it. Just call one of our talented QuickBooks ProAdvisors, they would be happy to help you.


QuickBooks Online with Multiple Companies

by Rich Kane, CPA, Manager and Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

Are you one of those users who has multiple companies on QuickBooks Online? Please be sure you use the same login name for all your companies. That way, when you log in you will see a list of your companies that you have access to.

If you’re in one company and want to go to another, click on the gear in the upper right-hand corner and choose the last item in the list on the right most column–the choice is to switch companies. No need to log completely out and back in.

If you’re in one company and would love to have another open at the same time, no problem. Just log in with a different browser. If you are using Chrome, you can start another incognito session or set up different Chrome users and then log into QuickBooks.

Have a QuickBooks question? Call one of our talented QuickBooks ProAdvisors.